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The cleaning all-rounder CleanStep CBIII

Wouldn't it be great to have one single cleaning tool for all the different types of boxes, carriers, SMIF-Pod’s and FOUP’s, which are in use in the semiconductor fab? How much space this would save, how much time and effort savings. Just amazing or? Yes it is! And that's exactly what our cleaning all-rounder CleanStep CBIII can do for you.


Without any additional tools or adjustments, it cleans all common types of boxes, carriers, SMIF-Pod’s and FOUPs. It can be easily connected to the in-house tracking system and seamlessly records the cleaning processes.

This hard-working and compact cleaning genius achieves up to 3 runs per hour. The process control works with latest software technology SECS/GEM and guarantees smooth and smart process workflow. Simple and fast loading ensures that your operators will be well-satisfied with the CleanStep CBIII, too.

Efficiency, reliability and maximum flexibility - it's all in here. See for yourself in the product movie.

Oh, you've got one of those in your fab already. So congratulations, you've done everything right.

What? You haven't got a CBIII in your factory yet? So ok, don’t worry, just hurry up and get one.

For further product details, please contact our sales team: sales@ap-s.de